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Double MX3 Podium for WBR Yamaha

It was a wild and crazy day of racing in the MX3 division at the Gilman circuit in South Australia but at the end of racing, the WBR Yamaha Team finished with a double podium in a 2-3 result and now hold the top three places in the championship after round three.
Kayd Kingsford snared second for the round just ahead of Kobe Drew while the championship leader board now has Kingsford with the red plate, ahead of Drew and Koby Hantis in third.

Kayd Kingsford has continued on his impressive form in 2024 with another good result at Gilman taking second place for the round with his 2-3 results making it two podiums from the three rounds completed so far.

Kingsford charged to the lead in both motos on the weekend but small crashes took away any chance of a moto win. Despite the falls, he has been able to regain composure and show some consistency in his racing which is an important part of why he now holds the championship leaders red plate heading into round four.

“The weekend was good, just needed to keep things together there and not fall,” Kayd said. “My speed has been good this year and I have been able to qualify well and that has put me in good positions on the track.

“The track was unreal today and the club did a great job. I love riding this kind of dirt as you can just lay into it and be really aggressive,” he ends.

Kobe Drew is also using consistency as his weapon in this championship and took another podium at round three and now sits second in the championship just a handful of points behind his team mate.

Drew finished with 4-2 results and continued to put himself in good positions on the track and avoid any of the opening lap carnage that is often associated with these young racers as they find they feet in professional racing.

“It’s always good to be on the podium and stay in the championship hunt. Horsham wasn’t a great round for me, so it was important I had a good round here and get the momentum rolling my way.”

Koby Hantis was leading the MX3 class heading into the Gilman round but faced some challenges on the day to come home in sixth. Hantis, who has showed plenty of fight on the first two rounds continued to battle away but couldn’t overcome some average starts leaving him with 9-5 results. He now is third in the championship but well within striking distance as we head for Maitland.

Seth Burchell also did his share of soil sampling on the weekend and finished the day in 10th with 15-8 results. Burchell missed the first round due to injury but has now moved to 11th in the championship and no doubt will be looking to break into the top five by the end of the season.