An inline-four street-bike is truly a thing of beauty. It’s all business, and you never get tired looking at it. Simply put, the Honda CB1000R is the best open-class naked street-fighter we’ve ever produced. It has cutting-edge Neo-Sports Cafe styling and a high-revving 998cc four-cylinder engine that’s specially tuned for mid-range and top-end power. All in all, the CB1000R is light, powerful, responsive and an absolute blast to ride. So, get ready to get noticed, on our CB1000R.


998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine with PGM-FI

Unique minimalistic styling

Packed with technology

Throttle By Wire and HSTC

Premium handling

Showa Suspension & ABS. Only weighing 211kg


Powerful inline four engine

The CB1000R’s powerful 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine uses an architecture and layout proven on Honda’s Superbikes. Forged (not cast) pistons make it as strong as it is powerful.

Better breathing

Every athlete knows you have to breathe to perform. Compared to earlier engine designs in this class, the CB1000R gets higher valve lift, larger valves, larger diameter inlet ports, and new combustion-chamber shapes to improve gas flow and offer improved torque in midrange.

Four-into-one exhaust

On a bike like this, the exhaust system can make a critical difference in power. And since it’s so visible, it also makes a critical contribution to the machine’s style. The CB1000R’s four-into-one system boosts torque at 5,000 RPM and above, saves 10 pounds, and provides the CB1000R with a deeper, more raw exhaust note for added character.

Slipper-assist clutch

This innovative design hooks up tight to get all the CB1000R’s power to the ground, yet still offers a light pull at the clutch lever. Plus, the slipper design helps mitigate wheel hop during aggressive downshifts and deceleration.

Honda Selectable Torque Control

A great system that combines the CB1000R’s old-school raw horsepower with a modern power delivery that keeps the bike hooked up and the power flowing under a wide variety of surface conditions.


The CB1000R uses our throttle by wire system. In addition, we’ve given it four riding modes (Standard, Sport, Rain and User). The last one lets you choose between three settings for each parameter and save the settings. There are three levels of Engine Power (P), Engine Brake (EB), and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) available; HSTC can also be switched off. The three individual riding modes offer different combinations of each parameter. RAIN mode employs the lowest Power setting, medium EB, and high HSTC. The lower levels of power and torque are focused on the first three gears. STANDARD mode uses the middle setting for Power, HSTC, and EB. It reduces output a bit in first and second gears and uses a power curve that sits just below that of SPORT mode, with reduced torque at partial throttle openings. It also allows for small rear-wheel slides and the front wheel leaving the ground. SPORT uses high Power and lowest levels of EB and HSTC to deliver 100% power through all six gears, maximum torque at all throttle positions and minor intervention from HSTC. The USER mode allows the rider to choose between the three settings for each parameter and save the setting for future use.


Steel backbone chassis

The CB1000R features a unique frame design. The main mono-backbone component is steel, and that joins up with split-tightening aluminium pivot plates. You get the basis for excellent handling along with lightweight design.

Showa front suspension

Great handling and precise steering demand a premium front suspension. That’s why the CB1000R uses a Showa Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP). It offers both reduced weight, superior rigidity, and excellent overall performance. Plus, it offers adjustability for spring preload as well as rebound and compression damping.

Standard ABS

Dual radial-mount four-piston front callipers bite 310mm floating rotors while the twin-piston rear calliper squeezes a 256mm rear rotor. Plus, our front and rear Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) can be a big help in making controlled stops in less-than-ideal conditions, like on wet pavement or other compromised surfaces.

Open riding position

We call it the rider triangle—where your butt hits the seat, where your feet rest on the pegs, and where your hands grip the bar. By opening up the triangle on the CB1000R, you sit up a little straighter, which gives you a higher vantage point. Plus, most riders will find it a little more comfortable, too.

Light and strong

At just 211kg, the CB1000R is in the welterweight champion class. For an open-class inline four, there’s not an ounce of fat here. That not only helps performance, but contributes to better handling too, and makes the bike more fun to ride just about everywhere.

Tapered handlebar

A bike’s handlebar makes a huge difference in how you relate to your machine. We moved the CB650R’s bar forward and changed the bend in the bar too. Plus, using a premium, tapered-section swaged bar gives you better front-end feedback.

Huge rear tyre

In order to get all that engine power to the road, the CB1000R comes with a 190/55-17 rear tyre.

Single-sided swingarm

The CB1000R features a unique, single-sided swingarm. It’s part of the bike’s excellent handling character, but also contributes a great deal to the way this machine looks.


LED lighting

The CB1000R features LED lighting through and through. The lights are bright, more compact, lighter, and feature an incredibly long life. And check out the horseshoe-shaped light ring—it brings a modern flare to the bike’s traditional styling. The CB1000R’s round-styled LED headlight is powerful and bright, and sets the tone for the bike’s no-nonsense Neo-Sports Cafe streetfighter presence.

Flangeless fuel tank

Details matter. Case in point: the CB1000R’s fuel tank. We build it without a visible bottom flange. Sure, it takes a little more effort to manufacture, but you get a fuel tank with a clean, custom look that we think is worth it. Plus, the tank is slimmer for an even better fit and lighter feel thanks to its unique shape.

Rear splashguard

A first for Honda and you’re seeing it here. The rear splashguard/fender mounts directly to the swingarm for a fresh, sharp styling touch.

Solid understated style

Check out all the steel and aluminium alloy detail on this bike. The metal components send a definite message: the CB1000R is all business. A premium machine with a burnished-aluminium radiator shroud and airbox cover, along with the engine cases, cylinder head and sprocket hub.

CB1000R Specs


  • Brakes

    • Brakes (F)

      2× 310 disc, ABS

      • Brakes (R)

        1× 256mm disc,ABS

        • Suspension

          • Front Adjustability

            preload, compression and rebound

            • Front Suspension Type

              43mm inverted telescopic fork

              • Front Wheel Travel (mm)


                • Rear Adjustability

                  preload and rebound

                  • Rear Suspension Type

                    single shock

                    • Rear Wheel Travel (mm)


                    • Dimensions, Weights And Capacities

                      • Capacities

                        • Fuel Capacity (L)


                          • Dimensions

                            • Wheelbase (mm)


                              • Ground Clearance (mm)


                                • Overall Height (mm)


                                  • Overall Length (mm)


                                    • Overall Width (mm)


                                      • Seat Height (mm)


                                        • Weights

                                          • Kerb Weight (kg)


                                          • Powertrain

                                            • Engine

                                              • Bore & Stroke (mm)

                                                75 × 56.5

                                                • Compression Ratio


                                                  • Cylinders

                                                    inline 4

                                                    • Displacement (cc)


                                                      • Engine Type

                                                        Liquid-cooled 4-stroke

                                                        • Fuel System

                                                          Fuel Injection

                                                          • Starter


                                                            • Valves


                                                              • Transmission

                                                                • Transmission


                                                                  • Drive


                                                                  • Tyres And Wheels

                                                                    • Tyres

                                                                      • Tyres (F)


                                                                        • Tyres (R)


                                                                        • Warranty

                                                                          • Warranty

                                                                            24 months

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